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Air B and B Cleans

In the blog this week I would like to discuss a newer type of clean that we at Park West Cleaning have started to bring on more and more, Air B and B cleans. At Park West over the course of the past 5 months, we have mainly focused on residential cleans. The reasoning is that is where we see ourselves providing the most value to our customers. With that being said, a few of our clients have liked our service in their homes and have asked us to clean their rental properties. This may seem like just another clean, and in some ways it is, but in other ways you will read below it is not. 

Air B and B cleans are becoming more and more prevalent on our books and a segment we are looking to grow into more and more as our business continues to expand. Air B and B (and all short term rental properties) are some of the best cleans we are offered and below I will explain why. 

Firstly, most Air B and B cleans allow us to skip or lightly clean areas where normally we would be spending a lot of time, rooms like the kitchen. For example, during a premium clean at Park West we are spending upwards of 30 minutes cleaning and detailing a kitchen. Which makes sense, as a normal homeowner (as we have discussed in previous blogs) is used a lot. Which means there is simply more mess to clean and organize. With an Air B and B, more times than not, a simple wipedown of surfaces will suffice as most people do not cook at all in a short term rental or maybe one or two meals. This is huge for us as it allows us to spend more time cleaning things that will matter to the end customer, the Air B and B customer. 

Spending more time prepping a bedroom than a kitchen is a bit of a reversal for us at Park West. In a typical bedroom we spend about 10 minutes total. This would include washing baseboards, tidying and organizing spaces (work spaces for all of you working at home), as well as dusting and vacuuming. With an Air B and B clean, these ratios are reversed. Spending about 30 minutes in a bedroom and 10 in the kitchen. In a short term rental, we are in hotel maid mode. What I mean by that is we are nit picking every space around and in where your guest (as a short term rental provider) is sleeping. Its crucial that these spaces are spotless as a new person will be sleeping in a bed that the previous night someone else was it. Its paramount to make sure that this space is sanitized as well as looked over for tiny things most miss with a general clean, like body hair or sand from the beach for example. 

Making beds is one of the most time consuming components to an Air B and B clean. No way around it, from our findings, it will take 10 minutes on average to make a bed. This process starts with ripping off the old sheets, getting new sheets, replacing pillow cases, placing new sheets, and on and on. Sounds pretty straightforward, until you realize most Air B and B’s have 5+ beds, often with bunk beds (my current nemesis). 

Allocating time in an Air B and B is the name of the game and with more and more practice, we are finding ways to save time and maximize value to our end customer, the host, while making sure that their guest feels at home in a brand new bed. 

Like many things we discuss here at Park West in the blog. It is all about saving time and maximizing value for our customers. Whether that is spending extra time on baseboards for a customer that mentions that as their goal for the clean, or spending less time on a second bathroom that is rarely used, to spend more time detailing a kitchen where three squares are cooked a day. The goal for our Air B and B cleans is the same as it is for a residential clean. Bring value and a terrific experience to our customers. To save you time and energy doing things for you that you don’t have the time or desire to. 

Thank you for reading the blog this week. As always, if there are any comments, questions, or concerns, please send us an email to


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