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Cleaning up after your pets

In the blog this week I would like to discuss pets in the home and dealing with their messes between cleanings. 

Over the course of the past few months I have come in contact with many animals although primarily cats and dogs. I have seen animals of all sizes and all different mess types. This week I would like to discuss some common areas that pet owners can address in their own home in between cleanings. 

At Park West Cleaning, we love animals. Bold take, I know, but it’s true. It is always a treat to walk into a home to be greeted by an energetic puppy or curious cat. One of those moments when you get a pure dose of dopamine, which makes the sometimes monotonous task of cleaning, a little more fun and spontaneous. With that being said, every single home I have been in over the course of the past four months that has a pet, is dirtier than it’s counterpart that does not own a pet. Animals cause messes, it’s just a fact, but we love them for it. 

Embracing imperfection

Last week in the blog, I discussed embracing imperfection. Embracing imperfection is one of the reasons we love our pets I believe. We know they make a mess and can make our lives more chaotic, but we love them regardless. We know that embracing their imperfection is what makes them perfect to us. Of course embracing their imperfection doesn’t have to mean that we ignore the trail of fur they leave behind them either. 

Minimum Effort Maximum Return

The mess your pet makes in your home will be different depending on which type of animal you have. For example, labs will shed less than a golden retriever, and both shed more than most house cats. Despite their differences, their mess always seems to be the same. The most common theme seems to be fur and hair on your baseboards and in the corners of hallways. I recommend to clients that they pay more attention to these areas in their home as I feel they are the areas that require the least amount of effort to clean but will show you maximum return on your cleaning. As a general rule, cleaning your floor is one of if not the most impactful areas to show change in dirty to clean. Meaning, a dirty floor makes your whole home look out of place. A clean floor however, will really make a home feel like it has been taken care of. 

The litter box

Another area that is often neglected that will give you maximum return on your effort is directed at cat owners. The litter box. A necessary evil. I will save you all on any tips regarding smell as I am sure every cat litter maker is already trying to sell you something. Instead, what I recommend is a simple hand vacuuming of the area surrounding the litter box. I know it’s tedious but again, the difference in a clean floor and dirty floor will is night and day. It truly is hard to believe what your eyes will pick up in the background to tell your mind if something is dirty or not. Long story short, a small hand vacuuming once every few days will go a long way in keeping your pets area clean. 

A Quick Fix

A third and final area that seems to be missed by most home owners is the area where your animals bowls for food and water are. Another high return on your effort area. Most times when dealing with clients who have pets, their animals food is always all over the place. Like a designated area of mess. Which makes sense, these are animals after all. The reality is this is another super easy fix. By placing a dish mat under the bowls, you will be able to quickly remove the bowls, and empty the spilled food into the sink or trash can, and voila, your animals eating area is now clean again. 

Whether you have a dog or a cat, your animals will always make a mess. Something that we accept in return for their undying love. A trade off worth making most would agree. But just because your animal makes a mess does not mean that you have to be a victim of a messy home. With a few simple tips and some attention, you will achieve maximum clean with minimum effort on your end. By being proactive and understanding by default animals make a mess, you will be well on your way to having a spotless home and achieve that “Ahaa feeling” in between cleanings. 

Thank you again for reading this week. As always if there are any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to email me at


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