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Death, Taxes, and Dust

A home owner’s enemy and a cleaners arch nemesis. Dust is everywhere, and there is nothing you can do to stop it. As the famous phrase goes, “but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Someone should add dust in there as well, because no matter who you are and what you do, dust will find its way into your home. In the blog today, as you may have guessed we will be covering dust; explaining what it is, where it comes from, and how you can be proactive for a healthier and happier home. 

What is dust?!

Firstly, what is dust? It’s hard to really define dust but you know it when you see it, generally described as a common air pollutant generated by many different sources and activities. More commonly said, dust is the stuff that hides in all the corners you forgot to clean, or on top of air vents, or under beds, etc. etc. etc. Like we said, it’s everywhere! Dust is the small cluster that hides away from you, not really bothering you, not really doing much of anything except growing larger. Although dust is not a living thing, it does grow in the same way that a snowball keeps building to become a snowman. According to Paloma Beamer, a professor of environmental policy at the University of Arizona, “dust is a hodgepodge of all sorts of things. It would probably be impossible to make a list of all the possible items.” Dust is an ever growing force within your home, an invader if you will. Dust is an uninvited house guest that has overstayed their welcome. 

Where does dust come from? 

Dust comes from any action, typically from an outside source, from an open window, air duct, bottom of your shoe. It can and will attack your home from every direction. Citing our same source, Professor Beamer, “the majority of household dust — about 60% — comes from outside, through windows, doors, vents and, significantly, on the soles of your shoes.” Long story short, it pretty much comes from anything and everything. 

The dust is here, what can I do?

Now that we know where it comes from is there anything you can do to mitigate your risk in breathing in potentially harmful dust particles in the air? Acknowledging dust is the first step, the second step is avoidance. We at Park West Cleaning, have found that homeowners who monitor high traffic areas as well as windows will have significantly less dust to worry about and clean up. Taking preventative action means, washing windows regularly, sweeping your floors (and under cabinets and dressers!) from time to time as well as taking a damp paper towel to high traffic corner baseboards. This doesn’t have to be a full deep clean to be dreaded but more a small five minute weekly task that will pay dividends over the course of the month in your regular maintenance routine as well as overall health. 

Dust is another item on the ever growing home owner and tenant responsibility list. Dust is something that is important to keep an eye out for as it can and usually does contain harmful pollutants that hurt your overall health as well as can agitate breathing. With that said, like most tasks on the to do list, dust is not something that needs to be thought about every day. Sweeping your floors should be a part of your weekly cleaning maintenance routine, but not something that you should think about more than once a week. The key to a clean home and happy home life is being proactive. Take five minutes and sweep your floors today, your future self will thank you. 

Thank you as always for reading. Please email with any questions, comments, or concerns. Thank you again and see you next week!


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