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Embracing imperfection

In the blog this week I would like to discuss something that I have been thinking about for a while but was not sure I wanted to post. That topic is “the spec”. The spec is what I refer to as our standard here at Park West. The spec is the product we aim to bring our customers. The spec is best described as 95% perfect; within two standard deviations of the mean. 

I wanted to discuss and publish this blog so that all of our cherished customers know what to expect when Park West walks through their door. At Park West we clean to spec because we have to be realists when walking into a home. It would be near impossible to clean a home to perfectection, no piece of dust or rouge hair out of place. So we simply do not attempt to. We clean to 95% cleanliness, aiming for 100% but realizing as well that we are human and simply will miss things from time to time. 

Now, at this point I know what you may be thinking, why is this guy telling us that he won’t clean our home to the fullest possible extent? I don’t blame you in thinking that, but in thinking that you would also only be half right. At Park West Cleaning we clean everything in your home but have a focus on the big, important pieces. Rooms like your kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms. We apply extra effort and focus on these areas, because we know that is where you spend 95% of your time, so it’s where we put forth 95% of our effort. This strategy is what allows us to highlight and detail the things that matter most to you. As a result of this technique, there might be a little piece of dirt under a kitchen table that gets missed here or there, and we are ok with that. 

Embracing imperfection sounds like a weird thing to discuss for a company that touts itself on providing 100% customer satisfaction. To be clear, we do promise 100% customer satisfaction, and will happily clean as long as it takes to achieve that for you. With that said however, with cleaning, like most things, you start to achieve diminishing returns on your efforts. An example of this came up the other day with a client who had a glass shower door installed about 20 years ago. We were cleaning, scrubbing, pressure steaming the thing and the final 5% of shower build up just wouldn’t budge. Now if you were to look at the before and after photos, you would be blown away. At the same time if you were to just look at the final result, you might be slightly disappointed that the shower glass did not appear to have just come off the showroom floor. The reality is the glass door is over 20 years old, and no matter the amount of effort, time, or tools we applied to the situation, you cannot hide from father time. For what it’s worth, since the client and I had discussed this reality, and we both had the correct expectation for outcome, the client was extremely pleased with the results and the cleaning as a whole. 

Whether embracing imperfection or understanding that we, just like you, are not perfect, cleaning to spec is what we practice here at Park West Cleaning. We walk into every situation with the most possible preparation, first class cleaning technique, and best tools in the business. We also put forth 100% effort while cleaning your home. The reality of the situation is there will be a few things that get missed from time to time. The best relationships occur when everyone is on the same page and that the customers have the same expectations for outcomes as we do. That is why I wrote this blog, so that our customers past and future understand where we are coming from and that, although not our intent, but to err is human. 
Thank you all for reading, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please reach out to me at


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