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Household Items YOU Should Be Cleaning More!

Good afternoon, in the blog this week I would like to throw the cleaning back to you, the customer. This week we will be discussing a few common household items that we have seen over and over again in your homes and apartments that aren’t getting the regular TLC they deserve. These are common items in your home that you are often using, has multiple users, and is dirty in 9/10 homes we walk into. In the blog we will highlight these common items as well as provide a few DIY cleaning tips to help keep your personal items clean and safe.

First on the list is your toothbrush, and more specifically electric toothbrush. I want to specify electric toothbrush because, frankly, I never really see a dirty regular brush, and thats because you throw them away when they are dirty or done being used. With an electric toothbrush, you are only replacing the top of brush and leaving the bottom caked in toothpaste and other debris from your mouth. This is not only optically gross, but actually can lead to mold growing on your toothbrush, the thing that goes in your mouth! Your toothbrush needs to be cleaned weekly. Fear not, this is easy to do. All you need to do is place your toothbrush upside down into a cup filled with ⅓ mouthwash and ⅔ water, and rest overnight once a week. Once this trick has been applied, you will not only see your toothbrush cleaner within the week, but also sleep easy knowing that you are brushing your teeth better. 

Second on our list of household items needing cleaning is another appliance. One of the items that has changed a lot over the past 20 years but it’s use remains the same. The television remote. This item makes our list because it is often never clean, no matter how clean your home may be. In virtually every home we walk in, there is dust between the buttons and grease smudged on the remote. Remotes are touched by every single member of your family on a daily basis, yet are never cleaned. Think about that, something touched almost as much as your front door handle, yet never cleaned or thought about. Luckily this is an easy fix. One clorox wipe once a week will make sure that you not only maintain the integrity of the remote, but also make sure you are regularly washing away and killing all germs so that your family is not passing around germs day in and day out. 

Thirdly and finally to make our list are throw pillows. Something often not thought about, but used daily. Similar to the remote, throw pillows are used, touched, rested on, etc daily yet often never cleaned. When walking in a home we often see these on the ground, dusty, crushed into arm rests. You name it we’ve seen it. And for the most part, no issue! You are using your items, as it should be. But to maintain a happy and healthy home, you need to make sure you are watching out and protecting your family from germs, whenever possible. We also have another quick fix for this as well! Most throw pillows can easily be unzipped and thrown in the washer (on delicate!) and all your issues are gone!

The blog this week is pretty obvious, at least one would think. But after beeing in 100+ homes and seeing these same issues time after time, we thought it might make sense to say something! Take a few minutes this week, and wash that brush, wipe down your electronics, and wash your pillows. You will thank us later!

Thank you again for reading, as always, if there are any questions, comments, or concerns, please email me at


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