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It’s Fall Y’all!

In the blog this week I would like to discuss something that has likely been on everyone’s mind for the past week, the changing of the seasons. As seasons change, colder weather rolls in, there are new messes to look out for and situations to clean up. Today we will look at three common pain points that come as the seasons change. 

From Shorts to Pants

With the changing of the weather from warm to cool comes the changing of wardrobes. Shorts become pants and shirts are traded in for sweaters. For adults reading this, this likely won’t apply too much to you but more so to your children. During the summer, where elbows and knees aren’t covered, grass stains and other stains from playing, more often than not end up on your kid. Nothing a bath at night can’t fix. With the changing of the seasons however. This is not entirely the case when grass meets pants however. A quick fix that we recommend to all parents out there is a simple soak of the clothing in warm water and a bit of tide powder detergent and let soak for 60 minutes. This will give your children’s clothing some time to let the grass and mud stains loosen before unleashing the full power of a modern day washing machine to finish the job. This isn’t a silver bullet but it’s as darn near close as one comes. 

Eight Legged House Guests

As mentioned above the changing of the seasons will bring change to your home. In the midwest it’s inevitable; with that change will bring some unwanted house guests indoors. If your apartment or home is anything like mine, you may get some bugs trying to find a new home for winter. You will want to rid your home of these as soon as possible. These bugs (mainly spiders and other small insects) are unwelcome house guests and need to be dealt with as such. Spiders and bugs in your home are not a reflection on your home’s cleanliness. These bugs just like to be warm and as the air outside becomes cool, they like to seek shelter indoors.  To help maintain an insect free home, there are a couple of tricks we like to use. First and foremost, make sure to get rid of any and all visible cobwebs. This can be done using a damp paper towel and swiping away the webs. Secondly, we recommend using a spray in corners, windowsills, and any other areas where you are seeing spiders. Using Miss Muffet’s Revenge is a favorite here at Park West. It should leave your inflicted areas spider free and clear for 6 months, 3 months for areas of higher traffic. 

Mudroom Mess

Areas of high traffic will always be a concern for keeping a neat and tidy home. One of the biggest culprits of collecting the outside elements and keeping them in your home is the mud room, or front hallway for you apartment dwellers. The mudroom/ first entrance from the outside to the inside of your home is your first line of defense when maintaining a tidy home. The mudroom is going to get abused throughout this season and it will only get worse as fall becomes winter. Thinking back to previous blogs about making cleaning easy, one of the biggest components to that is cleaning every day. Now, cleaning the mud room every day doesn’t make a ton of sense, but cleaning it once a week is an easy 10 minute task that needs no more than a vacuum and swiffer. Maintaining a clean entrance with light vacuuming and some mopping from time to time will set the tone for your family and friends alike that this is a clean home and that is how we like to keep it!

Whether fighting spiders, getting stains out of pants, or just keeping an entrance clean, the changing of the seasons brings in new challenges to maintaining a tidy home. Following these three tips will be a great start to keeping a clean home throughout fall. Thank you again as always for reading along. If there are any questions, comments, concerns regarding the blog please reach out to Thank you again and see you next week!


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