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Keeping Home Clean When Living with Pets

In the blog this week I would like to discuss pets and how to maintain a healthy environment for you and your family at home with your pets. 

Pets, man’s best friend, cute and cuddly companions covered with fur. A lot of us, especially after being home for a year in covid, have gotten or have pets. This is heart warming for us here at Park West Cleaning as it’s always a treat to be greeted by a wagging tail when walking into a clients home. Like all things that enter a home, animals have cleanliness issues which can pose a problem when trying to maintain a home. Today, I will be covering a few of the lesser discussed topics regarding pet cleanliness and maintaining their space. 

One of the largest requests we get at Park West is if we “Can get that stain out” on a carpet or hardwood surface. These stains more times than not are animal urine or barf. Sounds a little gross, but any pet owner will know that it just comes with the territory of having a dog or cat. Fear not however, there are many household items that you can use to get spills out of a rug or carpet. Of the many, our go to here is shaving cream. Shaving cream, and please use the cream not gel, after sitting on the stain for a minute or so will do the trick of removing the stain quickly and effectively. Apply the cream, wait a minute, wipe away with a damp towel with warm water, and you are good to go. Stain no more!

A close second to a highly requested pain point is going to be pet hair. If you have an animal, you have pet hair. It doesn’t matter if your breed is non shedding, if you own a pet, you will have excess hair in your home. On the list of negatives to pet owning, this seems to be near the top, but again, we at Park West have a solution for you! This one is a bit tough though, as animals move around a lot. Our “hack” if you will is to place a beach towel in your animals favorite resting place. This will be especially beneficial if the resting place is on furniture like a couch. Rotating this towel every so often will allow you to maintain a clean space as well as keep your furniture smelling fresh. Now, this is not the end all be all, you will still have to clean up after your animals hair, likely involving vacuuming every few days to make sure that hair isn’t building up in low traffic areas like corners or under chairs. Humans are creatures of habit, our animals are no different. Placing a beach towel in Spot’s favorite… spot, will take care of 50% of your odor and hair issues. 

Our third and final tip today is pretty straight forward, but often overlooked. Like the items and things in your home need frequent cleaning (as was mentioned in a previous blog, i.e. remotes), your animals “stuff” needs to be frequently cleaned as well. I know it can be a bit more challenging to wash a dog bed than it is to clean your sheets in the washing machine, but it’s necessary. Think about how much your sheets and pillow smell like you when it’s been a few weeks between washings. Now think about how smelly your dog or cat’s bed is knowing that they only bathe once a week or less! Our suggestion for washing an animal’s bed is to take it into the shower with you. Using a cup of Tide and a scrub brush, in the shower you will be able to clean a pet bed of any size as well as have a designated area for the bed to dry. Our suggestion here at Park West is to wash your animal’s bed once every two to three weeks to maintain a fresh smell and keep your animal smelling fresh as well. 

Having an animal is a beautiful thing. They will keep you company, provide you with endless joy, and greet you with a wagging tail after a long hard day. I don’t need to sell you on the benefits of pet ownership, but keeping up with an animal in the home can be a lot of extra effort. Most owners would rather walk the dog than clean into the corners with a vacuum for extra hair, and why wouldnt you?! The reality is being a good pet owner means being a good caretaker as well. You need to help your animals maintain their space just as you need to maintain your space to have a happy and healthy home. 

Thank you all for reading the blog this week. As always, please email any questions, comments, or concerns to Thank you again, and see you next week!


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