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Moving Day

Moving day, a big day by all accounts. A day that comes once every few years in your 20’s and 30’s before you settle into a more permanent residence. You will have a lot to do prepping for and completing a move, the last thing on your mind is to make sure you leave your place nice and tidy for the next tenant, especially if your landlord doesn’t require it. 

In today’s blog we would like to discuss apartment cleaning before moving into your new residence. Why is it so important to clean a space before moving in? It’s just some dust bunnies after all! Glad you asked, keep reading below to find our top three reasons for cleaning your new living space before moving in. 

Clean Slate

First and foremost, you want to start fresh. No matter how clean the tenant was before you, they are not you! It is paramount to have your new space clean to start fresh and breathe a sigh of relief once that last box is unpacked. Cleaning can actually be its easiest when there is no furniture in your space. This is likely the only time that you will truly have no rug to lift up, no couch to move. You and your vacuum, picking up dust bunnies like it aint no thing. The time is now to give your space a deep clean, or work with a professional team to take deep clean for you.  According to the ADAA, the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, the physical action of housekeeping and the end result of a cleaner home help relieve stress, anxiety and depression. When stress affects the brain, the rest of the body suffers consequences as well. On a day when you have enough to stress over, leave the cleaning to us!

Pain Points 

Within every apartment or condo there are going to be issues, that is a given but there are a few spaces that always cause new tenants fits because of their lack of cleanliness as well as high use. One we want to focus on is the kitchen fridge.The kitchen fridge, a very communal space, something that everyone in the home uses, even guests. It can get gross (we all have that condiment that expired in 2015 that seems to make its way into each new apartment!) with smell as well as food scraps. Stuff happens, it’s a part of the normal life cycle of a refrigerator. This is typically not a big deal, when it’s your food and leftovers, however can be pretty gross when it’s from someone you don’t know. We feel that the fridge is worth highlighting because it is something you can clean on your own. All you need are some clorox wipes and you are good to go. When the dust has settled from the move and before you hit the grocery store to fill your fridge, make sure you spend 10 minutes or so, cleaning every surface of the fridge. This means not only the shelving but also inside the veggie drawers, under the shelves, the sides of the fridge, everywhere! This does two things, it removes the odors from the previous tenants’ food, and it also sanitizes the space, ensuring that you will not be inheriting any previous science experiments.

Not my problem!

Those are the last words out of the previous tenants mouth as they leave and lock up your new apartment for the final time. Dust bunnies everywhere, dirty windows, sink a mess. Sounds all too familiar right? This isn’t the place I saw online, what happened? Someone with not a care in the world is what happened. The reality is when someone is moving out they are done, they don’t care, they are not going to clean because they have no stake in the game. You on the other hand inherit their mess. You get to live with all the dust, dirt, and grime the previous tenant has been neglecting. Now it’s your job, on a pretty busy day too. You are worried about movers breaking things, the weather, switching neighborhoods, you name it. There is a lot on your mind and the last thing is likely cleaning, that is ok, we will come to the rescue and have your space ready for you like it’s brand new. You have already outsourced the physical moving to movers, let us finish the job with a professional clean, setting up your new space to feel like home.

Whether you clean yourself, or outsource the cleaning to a pro like Park West Cleaning, this spring when moving, make sure you are applying the time and attention to making sure your new space is ready to be called home. Thank you as always for reading! If there are any questions, comments, or concerts, please email to discuss further. Thank you again for reading and hope to see you all soon!


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