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Park West and our Process

In the blog this week I would like to discuss something that we have been covering on and off over the past few months but would like to take a deeper dive on. This week the focus of the blog will be on process. This is something that is near and dear to my heart as someone who is in the process of building their business. Process is something that we think about and love here at Park West Cleaning, obsess over, if you will. 

A process is a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end. Something we are all familiar with, yet likely dont use to our advantage as much as we could. We have processes for many things in life, this helps simplify our decision making on a day to day basis. Life is busy and many things change day in and day out, thankfully for processes, these defined and memorized steps make our life easier when we dont need all our senses functioning at once. Having processes memorized allows us to mindlessly complete tasks that we have done time after time. It allows us to use our brian power on spotting differences or outliers in our everyday lives so we can focus on those things which our brain hasnt seen before. 

The above paragraph is one long way of saying, we need processes so that we dont have to think so hard about everyday activities. The reason this is relevant to Park West and cleaning in general is that, its all we do. Park West Cleaning is following one big process. We have and continue to iterate on our processes, but use processes nonetheless. We have every single step from driving to a customers home, the customer greeting, the team lead assigning cleaning assignments, to cleaning, even how to leave a home has a process. The reason for this is it allows virtually any cleaner to jump into our system and be successful. There is no second guessing oneself, there is no making things up as they go. Following a system time after time allows our cleaners to become more successful than those that do not follow a system. 

By following a system, we are helping our cleaners memorize what to do in the most common scenarios, allowing them to be successful and win at everything they do. Winning is a huge component to cleaning with Park West Cleaning. What I mean by that is that we want to uplift and have our cleaners feel successful after completing each and every task they complete and clean in your home. Building wins time after time, following a process, lets our cleaners clean the major parts of your home without having to waste brain power, allowing them to focus on your individual needs. 

The building of processes is something take takes time and a lot of failure. There is no final process without many coming before it that we have either outgrown, or no longer feel is the best way of going about said task. 

Processes are foundational to everything we do here at Park West and will continue to be as long as this business is alive and well. Building on wins, making it simple for our cleaners, leads to the best possible clean your house can achieve. 
Thank you all for reading the blog this week. As always, if there are any questions, comments, or concerns, please shoot me an email at Thank you again and see you next week!


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