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Park West, What’s Next?

In the blog this week I would like to reminisce and look back on the past 8 months. This is today (when writing this) to the day exactly eight months since starting this company and completing my first clean. Today also will culminate the 400th booking Park West Cleaning has completed. When I think back to all the cleans that I have completed alone and now with assistance, it truly blows my mind to look at that number. In the blog I want to look back on some lessons learned and a glimpse into what I will be shaping our future to look like. 

Thinking back to February 2021, I was still employed by my previous employer, doing great at work, enjoying my work life balance, getting ready for warmer weather, hoping to quickly get followed by a break from Covid and an enjoyable summer with friends and family. What is the old phrase, “We plan, God laughs”. Well that seems to have ended up becoming pretty true. 

Since quitting my job and going full time as a house cleaner, I have learned mountains. More than I ever thought I would or needed to frankly. When most think of a house cleaner, myself included pre 2021, they think of a pretty straightforward role; sweeping, dusting, washing, etc. not much to it. Like most jobs, there is more than meets the eye. There were many lessons, too many to get into each lesson here, learned the hard way. Much time spent on YouTube, trying to shorten my learning curve as much as I possibly could. First lesson I want to touch on was one learned early and often. That being “everyone is messy in their own way”. I have yet to go into a home without some mess of some sort on some scale. Which, I would be remiss without mentioning that I always theorized this but never really had proof. After going into about 250 different homes, and some many times, I now know, everyone is gross in their own way. Everyone, no matter who you are, how often you clean, is dirty. It’s human nature, we produce, we are messy, our hair grows, our hair falls on the floor after a shower, we are greasy. It’s literally in our nature to be dirty but to crave cleanliness. Being clean and having a clean home takes effort, a lot of effort in fact. That is why I founded this cleaning company, with the intent to help ease the burden and provide satisfaction of a clean and comfortable home to all who want one. 

When entering people’s homes for a living, you tend to see people in their natural habitat. It is not like having guests over for dinner. There is no picking up before the cleaners come. In fact I believe it is the exact opposite. In the days leading up to a scheduled clean, people become messier than normal and certainly don’t clean up after themselves like they normally would. Some of the funnier stories come from clients who attempt to clean up for us and we find their mess. 

While reminiscing on the past is fun and useful for learning. Our next steps as a company are going to be uncharted waters for us. There will be growth, new employees, growing pains. As a small business expands for the first time, there are many things that are uncertain, Park West is no different. First, why expand? I have been having a great experience on my own for the past seven months, and with one employee we are working more than ever and experiencing great success, so why rock the boat? When I started this company, I never intended to clean this long to be honest. It was a very naive thought, and one I am glad I didnt hold on to for too long, but I never intended to become Park West’s premier cleaner. The reality is, for as much effort as I put into this job, and film I watch (like any high level performer) on youtube about technique, formulas, etc. I likely will not be the best cleaner this company employs, and I am happy about that! Creating systems, and managing a larger enterprise is more my speed. One of the best parts about a business are all the different components to it. There are so many different avenues to excel in, not being the best cleaner in my own company is a great feeling. Where I don’t excel, we have teammates who do, and vice versa. 

As the company continues to grow and we weed out some of our growing pains, I want to make sure that we are going about it correctly and creating repeatable processes and situations where our home cleaning techs are able to succeed and excel. How I have it mapped out for now, I will likely be adding 5 more cleaners to our staff for a total of 6. This will allow us to attend to about 10 bookings a day, a number I will likely want to stick with for a little bit. The beautiful thing about this business is that you can grow at pretty much any pace you want. This allows us an opportunity to really fine tune every part of the business without having exponential growth which we cannot handle. I believe that keeping Park West at 10 bookings a day will allow us to continue to hone our craft, allow us to staff only THE best cleaning techs, and continue to service existing clients while keeping some space open for new customers as well. 

While this is truly a brief brief summary of where we have been and where we are going, this should give you as the reader a little more insight into what we are trying to accomplish here at Park West Cleaning. Thank you as always for reading the blog, please reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns to


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