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Spring cleaning

In the blog this week I would like to discuss spring cleaning! Everyone’s favorite time of year. Just kidding, and in fact I’m sure that phrase sent a chill down the spine of some of you reading this post. Spring cleaning however is a time everyone should look forward to. It’s a time to declutter all the things we have accumulated over the past winter. I think spring cleaning is an essential part to feeling that Aha moment that we preach here at Park West Cleaning. 

Firstly and maybe more importantly, you need to acknowledge that there is a need for change. This can sometimes be hard to do. Its hard because when we live in our home, our brains become used to our surroundings and we become comfortable in it. When you haven’t cleaned for a while, your brain stops seeing the dust and the dirt accumulating in corners, under sofas, behind the toilet. Whether you see it or not, trust us, its there. Understanding that no matter what you do, or don’t do, dust will still come, dirt will still be tracked into your home, and hair will be in your bathroom. The need for change is constant yet so many of us either choose not to see it or have seen it and given up on changing the situation of our home. 

Secondly, spring cleaning can be one of the most important activities you do to keep up and maintain your home. Spring cleaning can be a catalyst that brings you to see and acknowledge the change you need to bring to your space. Taking your medicine if you will. Spring cleaning is actually one of my favorite times of year as it allows me to achieve my Aha Moment. I enjoy and look forward to the fact that I have designated time on my calendar to reexamine my space and everything in it. I think about what has provided me value over the past few months, and if this item has earned its space in my home. If it doesn’t pass that test, then it gets tossed. The reason why I think in home cleanings on a periodic basis are useful is it affords you the opportunity, with no use of your personal time, to achieve a minor Aha Moment. This is an important to feel when spending time in your home, your most treasured space. 

Finally let’s discuss the Aha Moment and why it can be so beneficial to each of us to achieve, whether it’s through your own doing or through the doing of a professional cleaner. The Aha Moment is a feeling of being comfortable in your own home. It’s a feeling of coming home from the office after a long day of work, and feeling refreshed at the mere sight of your home. It’s a feeling of comfort and safety, something that brings you security. The Aha moment can be achieved in many ways, but through cleaning the feeling is instant. The feeling is often instant because when you hire a cleaning service changes take place in your home. What I mean by that is, spaces are tidied, stains are removed, dirty, grime, and hair are no more. The space you occupied only a few hours ago is transformed into the home you intend to live in.
Spring cleaning is an essential activity to maintaining a healthy home and a space you feel comfortable in. This is something that can be done on your own, or let the professionals like us, help get you started by cleaning some of your less glamorous areas. Thank you again for reading and as always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please email me at


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