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The Clean – Park West Cleaning 

As a part of expanding our service offerings to better suit the needs of our clients I thought it to be important to explain what to expect, when expecting Park West. 

Our goal for every clean is to leave the customer beyond satisfied. To us, this means that we exceeded expectations, you would recommend the service to a friend or colleague, and would set up a recurring service that best fit your needs. While we are human and not perfect all day every day, we strive to be and are committed to working as hard and smart as we can on each and every clean. 

The idea of working smart led to our “system” for cleaning is based on thousands of hours in your home and homes like yours. These are methods and processes that have been tested, modified, and are always a work in progress. The system that we utilize is intended to provide the most thorough clean possible, touching all the major hot spots while leaving ample time to let our cleaners find hidden areas of dirt and grime needing attention. 

Our current iteration of “The Clean” has a 62 point checklist. The checklist allows our cleaners to stay on pace, ensure consistency during each and every clean, as well as provides feedback to you, the customer, as to what was and was not completed at your home. At Park West Cleaning We know that each home is different and requires its own plan. At the same time we know that each home will have a microwave, oven, shower, bathroom sink, etc. This means we can plan for some certainty of what will need to be cleaned. We couple this with our knowledge of your home (from previous cleans, when applicable) to apply a game plan for how best to clean your home. For a more detailed overview on what to expect for your clean please visit our Services Page. 

If you have had Park West Cleaning over before, you can expect the same great service with a few more perks. We have included extra services like wiping down of baseboards, making all beds, as well as other services. We will also be adding in the “Cleaning Report”. The report will be a recap of your clean, providing insight into work completed (checklists) as well as a few before and after photos to highlight some of the best areas we transformed. The goal of the report is to provide you insight into how a space was cleaned and the before and after of some highlight zones. We will also be including some cleaning tips for between cleanings and updates to Park West Cleaning as we continue to grow, thanks to our loyal customer base. 

Thank you for reading our most recent blog. If there are any questions, comments, or concerns, please reach out to me directly at


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