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The Mighty Toothbrush

In this week’s blog I would like to highlight one of the tools we at Park West Cleaning swear by, the toothbrush. When you think cleaners the first thing that likely pops into your head is someone vacuuming or moping maybe. Sure the toothbrush is great for brushing your teeth, in reality, the toothbrush is the best tool in our arsenal, best pound for pound dirt and grime fighter in our kit. 


The toothbrush, although small, is mighty. There are a few reasons why we love the toothbrush as a cleaning tool but the first that comes to mind is its versatility. Something that is used in pretty much every situation and room. The main differences we see at Park West between you cleaning your home and a professional cleaning your home are the small things. We can all get a rag and clean up the huge puddle of mud or dust on the ground, that is obvious. But what makes a professional cleaner a professional, is their attention to detail and ability to get to where you wont or cant. This is where our trusty old toothbrush comes into play. It allows us to get into nooks and crannies, behind sinks, pretty much all the tight spots that need intimate detailing but fingers where wont go. 

Fits In Your Back Pocket

The toothbrush is worth its weight in gold. That’s not to say it weighs a lot or takes up a lot of space, which is precisely why its so easy to keep on you while cleaning. The toothbrush fits in your apron or back pocket with ease, ready to be unholstered at a moment’s notice. Most of the time while cleaning, I dont even feel the toothbrush in my pocket until I realize I need it, and there it is, just a reach away. Sometimes the best ability is availability, and with a toothbrush this is certainly the case. 

An Artist and Their Tools

Like any artist you are nothing without your tools. Cleaning homes is no different, just kidding! Sometimes however I do feel like an artist, transforming a space. Taking something that was in one shape, transforming it by  detailing and highlighting, bringing it back to its former glory. Having the right tools and knowing how to use them are what make us professionals, and as low tech as the toothbrush is, it allows us to transform your home back to its glory. Allowing us as cleaners the ability to agitate grime and grease, for an easy cleaning is what makes a space clean. Not just spraying chemicals and wiping away the surface, but actually agitating and removing the mess. 

Whether you are a home cleaning professional, or just someone who wants to live in a clean space, the toothbrush should be your best friend. It has uses in every room of your home, It will fit where fingers wont, it agitates the mess for easy clean up, heck, it even fits in your back pocket! When cleaning your home next time, try grabbing an old toothbrush and some spray, I guarantee your home will be cleaner and you will feel more satisfied with the completed job all with the help of your toothbrush. 

Thank you for reading, as always, email any questions, comments, or concerns to and well see you next week!


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