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The Power of Small Steps

Doing something daily takes so much less time compared to doing it all at once.

In the blog today I would like to discuss the power of small steps and a daily cleaning habits that will give you an “Aha Feeling” in your home. Like many things, taking small steps daily to clean, will allow you to avoid the need to clean on a large scale (your entire home or apartment). Taking small steps has many benefits, and in the blog today we will tackle how that will lead you to success. 

Start Small

Small steps are critical to success for many reasons, but one reason that really resonates with Park West Cleaning is that they allow you to start. That may sound a bit confusing so let me clarify. Often when a task stands in front of us as humans, we tend to think about the completion of the project and all the work that will have to go into it to complete said project. Que memories of term papers being left until the last minute. The reality is, breaking a task down to small steps makes it more manageable. Cleaning is no different. When I am worried about procrastinating cleaning my apartment, I start by taking out the supplies. Virtually impossible to break down cleaning to a smaller step than that. By virtue of taking out the supplies from the closet and putting them in sight range, I am telling my brain that yes, this is happening, we will be cleaning shortly. It really is hard to overstate how such a small task can have such a large effect on your mentality. 

A Little Push

After I have taken out my cleaning supplies and let my brain know we will be cleaning, I pick the smallest thing or room that I can clean. I like to start small so as not to overwhelm my brain with the entirety of the project at hand. I personally like to start with the bathroom mirror. The reason is simple, it’s super easy! All I have to do is spray some Windex and wipe it with a fresh towel. This task literally takes less than 30 seconds, and within that half minute, I have already accomplished something! Since I have the spray and a towel in my hand I might as well wash the sink because why not? It’s right there, I practically have to! The point is, you already have all the supplies you need in hand, all you needed was a little push. 

Knowing When to Stop

After about 5 or 10 minutes of light cleaning of the bathroom (or wherever you start) I stop. This sounds counterintuitive right? Wrong, in fact dead wrong. Choosing an early point to stop once you have completed your goal is critical in keeping this a daily task that is easy to maintain. If you keep cleaning, more power to you, but this likely is not sustainable over time and will lead to burn out. By choosing an appropriate ending point that is within that first few minutes you will be more likely to pick up your new daily cleaning habit tomorrow. Since the bathroom has been cleaned, you wont need to revisit that room for a few weeks now. Tomorrow you are ready to vacuum the first floor of your home, and the next day the second floor, the third day you lightly dust, and on and on and on. 

The power of small steps should not go unnoticed as they are your key to success in many things, not just cleaning. By telling yourself you are only going to do the bare minimum, you will keep expectations low in your mind. Expectations that you will easily surpass as well as maintain on a daily basis. A daily cleaning habit is a healthy habit that is easy for anyone to do daily which will provide you with a sense of accomplishment as well as that “Aha Feeling” that we at Park West strive for within all our cleanings. 

Thank you for reading! As always, please email me at with any questions, comments or concerns!


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