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The Room Series: Bedside Tables!

In the blog this week I would like to discuss another addition to the room series, the bedroom. The bedroom and for this week, the bedside table, is one of the most crucial areas for us at Park West Cleaning. Bedroom cleaning can often be an afterthought as there are not many items in a typical bedroom needing constant attention. For us at Park West, we have found bedrooms and bedside tables are some of the greatest culprits of dust, hair, and other debris. In the blog I will dive in on what needs more of your attention, why this is important, and how to save yourself some time and energy when cleaning your home to maximize cleanliness and minimize effort. 


“Clean your room!” A line we all have been on the receiving end of once or more times in our lives from a parental figure. Something so cliche that it has become an overused trope of bad late night TV. Like most jokes, there is a bit of reality to it however. Over the past few months, we have been paying particular attention to master bedrooms and how to enhance our service in this area. We want to pay extra attention to the master bed, as most times, that is where our paying customer spends 8+ hours a day. Any area with that much time spent in it, even if it’s mostly sleeping, is going to be a focal point. Over the past few months when focusing on bedrooms, we have noticed how dirty and dusty most bedside tables are. This really wasn’t a surprise, but it was surprising how consistently dirty these areas were, no matter the condition of the rest of the home. Bedside tables and areas surrounding a bed seem to be a blind spot for most of our clients. 


The reason for the blog today is to alert our readers to this lingering issue. Reality is these areas (bedside table, surrounding and or under the bed) are afterthoughts, areas often blocked by light, however very near where we lay our heads to rest. Being so close to any amount of dust is not healthy, but sleeping and breathing the air near a baseball plus size dustbunny is not good for anyone. In a recent USA Today article surrounding dust and health Johns Hopkins Hospital lung expert Dr. Panagis Galiatsatos is quoted as, “Dust buildup can cause serious health problems including serious lung infections and in rare cases, even death.”  While I dont think any of our clients would let the dust and debris build up get to levels so out of control death is on the table, but adverse health effects are. Breathing in dust over prolonged periods of time can lead to coughing, sneezing, irritation to the eyes, asthma, and hay fever. Long story short, a quick check once a month, or having Park West check and clean for you, will eliminate this concern from your list of household chores. 


When looking to clean your bedside table, you should follow Park West Cleaning’s order of operations for cleaning virtually any horizontal surface. First you will begin by removing items not connected to that service. This means you would remove your lamp, pictures, phone cord, etc. and place it on the ground near a wall or edge of a table so you will not step on anything. We suggest the ground to the bed because if your items are dusty or dirty, you don’t want to now move the dust from your table to your bed, it defeats the purpose of the cleaning! You will individually dust each item and once, dusted, placed onto the bed for safe keeping. After all your miscellaneous items are clean and dusted, you will spray your wood table with Pine Sol or wipe down with a damp microfiber towel. Next you are going to need to get into the nitty gritty. On your hands and knees you will need to wipe down the legs and surrounding areas of the table. This is going to be where 90% of your dust comes from. You will want to manually get rid of as much dust as you can to make light work for your vacuum. Using the hose extension on your vacuum, make sure to suck up any dust, hair, or other debris that is still left. After vacuuming, place your items back in order of largest in the back to smallest up front. After putting away your cleaning supplies, crack an adult beverage because you just took one small step to a cleaner and healthier home!

That just about wraps up bedside tables and how to clean them most efficiently and effectively. Thank you again, as always for reading and following along. Please email me directly at for more tips and ticks in the coming weeks!


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