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The room series: Closets

In the blog this week I would like to discuss a room that most wouldn’t consider a room, your closet. Your closet, while not technically it’s own room, does seem to fit many of the criteria that we look at here at Park West, when assessing a space to clean. Many of us would not consider a closet a room, and for good reason. You don’t really do much there, it’s primarily storage, and there are no windows! According to the definition however, a room is space that can be occupied or where something can be done. This definition does seem to fit closets more closely. 

Our closet is something worthy of a blog to us at Park West for a few reasons. Firstly, as the definition says, is a space where something can be done! Now, to be fair, I am primarily referring to walk-in closets, but with that said I think all closets qualify if you consider the space surrounding your closet as a part of the closet. I digress, closets are most certainly spaces where you can not only “do things” for lack of a better term, but they hold a lot of our prized possessions. Be it jewelry or our clothes, there are a lot of valuables there, and they need to be cleaned. I am not referring to washing your clothing however, although I think that goes without saying. I am referring to all the hidden areas in your closet though. 

From our experience at Park West, closets seem to be some of the least clean spaces in a home. Not dirty in the way other areas, like a bathroom would be, but messy and dusty. There are just too many spaces that often go overlooked. There are many reasons for this, lack of time in the space, poor lighting not illuminating the neglected areas, or general lack of care. All these are valid reasons. At the end of the day how much time are we really spending in our closets? Not counting outliers, like my wife, I would say most of us spend a minute or two at most in our closets. Spending so little time in a space it’s no wonder they are a secret mess. 

Primary issue we find in most closets is going to be dust. As previous blogs have discussed, it’s inevitable. Luckily the remedy for this is simple, just needs your attention and a vacuum or damp towel, and maybe a flashlight. Look for corners! This is where your dust is hiding. An easy fix with the vacuum or damp towel will rid you of dust for the month, just don’t forget to check back in next month. 

The next area of a closet that could use some love is your clothes. I am not talking about your favorite sweater that you wear every other week, but the college t-shirt that you cannot let go of that is all the way in the back. These forgotten items need some attention from time to time. They need to either be worn, stored elsewhere, or donated. We have discussed it in previous blogs, but hoarding is a serious issue we all have to various degrees and having too many “things” can be suffocating. Reevaluating your closet every season is a good way to make sure that clothes aren’t falling through the cracks and that you are aware of what you have, so that you are maximizing everything in your closet. 

The final area that is often overlooked in a closet might not apply to all, but will certainly apply to some. That would be the dirty clothes hamper itself. Similar to the trashcan in your kitchen, the hamper in your closet is almost exclusively holding dirty items, and thus will start to pick up on their odors. Washing your hamper every month, with your regular load of laundry mind you, will ensure that your closet is smelling fresh and as a result, so will the rest of your clothes. 

The closet might not be the most exciting room in your home, but that doesn’t mean it’s immune from needing attention. Following these steps will ensure that you are staying on top of your mess and preventing your clothes from smelling stale and dusty!
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