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The Room Series: Family Room

In the blog this week we will be revisiting the room series. Today’s topic will be one of the most used rooms in a home, the family room! 

Family rooms are a quintessential gathering place in many homes for families or people with roommates. There are many shared meals, laughs, snacks, and more held here and for that reason it becomes messy, quickly. The funny thing about the family room is although it is used so much, it can often be one of the easiest places in a home to clean, yet one of the most neglected. 

Family rooms are places of convergence for all living in your space. They are often next to or near the kitchen, another home hotspot. Growing up we would spend countless hours as a family making a fire, watching a movie, chatting on the couch. You name it, there was a reason to be in the family room. With all that use, you would think this room would get more attention when cleaning a home but you would be shocked. 

At Park West, we find that the family room seems to be an afterthought, when doing a walk through of a new client’s home. There are seemingly always crumbs on the ground, a sticky remote, blankets and pillows strewn about. When you break down a family room, there really are not that many components that need your attention when cleaning. Common items would include a couch, TV, blankets, pillows, coffee table, rug/ carpet and that is about it nine times out of 10. 

To ensure this popular spot is clean for you and your family you need to maintain the room. Which, by all accounts, is super easy compared to other parts of your home (CC cleaning toilets!). When cleaning a family room, at Park West, we like to start with general organizing. Similar to cleaning and sweeping a floor, this will provide your brain with a visual “Aha Moment” that will kickstart the desire to continue to clean and organize. General organizing would be fluffing pillows, folding blankets, straightening the books and magazines on the coffee table. Once we do that, you are 50% of the way home, believe it or not. 

After we are organized, next comes the cleaning. Cleaning the family room should really be nothing more than wiping down surfaces and vacuuming. With the wipedown, this really should involve nothing more than wiping down your coffee table with a damp pine sol wipe or the equivalent. One thing to note, an often overlooked item needing dire attention will be remotes to devices. These are touched by EVERYONE in the house and need to be sanitized frequently. Once our surfaces and devices are sanitized it’s time to vacuum. This will help with getting the smaller crumbs that may be hard to see or in the carpet from snacking. After you have vacuumed your family room floor and surrounding areas, you are done! Like I said at the beginning of the blog, this is one of the easiest rooms to clean and maintain. 
The visual payoff and the knowledge that your surfaces are clean and sanitized is one of the finer “Aha Moments” for your home. As always, thank you for reading. Please reach out to with any questions, comments, concerns. It’s now time to get off the couch and start cleaning!


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