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What’s in the bag (caddie)?

One of my favorite sports is golf. I love everything about it including the equipment used by pros and amateurs alike. In a sport where inches matter, finding the right clubs for you is crucial to your success. A common theme of winners on tour is to highlight the clubs they used that helped carry them to victory, “what’s in the bag (WITB)” if you will. This week I wanted to expand on last week’s blog and discuss the tools and sprays used by our cleaning techs here at Park West Cleaning. 

Not all too dissimilar from golf, us cleaners also use a “caddie” however our caddie does not provide us with yardages or wind direction, rather helps us carry our supplies from booking to booking. Like golf as well, the caddie is there to present our cleaners with a variety of tools to choose from when a new situation arises. The caddie is the foundation upon which cleaners become professionals. 

When a situation arises, it is on the cleaner to know which tool or spray is going to be most appropriate. This, like golf pros, takes experience not only with the mess (course, lie, etc) but also with their tools (clubs). When a cleaner sees a spot, they know they will likely want to use a spray, but which one? Is it glass? In that case, we use Windex. Are we working in the bathroom (the rough)? In that case, Scrubbing Bubbles might be more effective. One of the most versatile chemicals we use is Simple Green. This is an all purpose eco cleaner that will tackle pretty much anything. This is far and away the most used cleaner in our arsenal, unless of course you added in interior windows to your booking, in that case the most used would be Windex! We like simple green because of its versatility. It can be used in the kitchen on the stove grease. In the bathroom on toilets. In the den on sticky coffee tables and on and on. It’s like an 8 iron, can be used in many situations and likely the club you are most comfortable with. 

Outside of chemicals, we also carry some tools. You will remember last week and the toothbrush. We also carry a plastic razor blade. This is for those rag resistant messes that need a low center of gravity to be pushed away after their Simple Green bath. In the caddie steel wool is also found. Another versatile tool that really amplifies your scrubbing on hard and resilient surfaces, the key to a clean oven! Finally in our caddie you will find a squeegee. This is crucial to a clean shower. There is no greater satisfaction after spraying and scrubbing than to pull out a squeegee and see your hard work actualized. 

There are a million ways to skin a cat as the old phrase goes. This is true in cleaning as well as golf. We all may use different chemicals and tools (clubs and balls) but at the end of the day you’re still going to have 14 clubs in your bag no matter the brand. 

If you have a favorite chemical or tool that you use that you didn’t see mentioned, let’s hear about it! Let us know what your favorite cleaning tools and supplies are. Thank you again for reading and see you next week! Feel free to reach out via email at


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