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We offer one time, every four weeks, bi weekly, or weekly home cleaning services to keep your house or apartment clean, organized, and a place you want to spend your time.

"The Clean"

“The Clean” is our standard clean. No need to worry about “deep clean” vs “light clean”, this is “The Clean”. The idea of The Clean comes from the notion that, your definition of a deep clean, your mother’s definition of a deep clean, and our definition of a deep clean are all likely very different. You’re here because you want your space clean, we are here to give that to you. See below for our definition.

The Clean – Defined:

The intent of The Clean is to have your space cleaned, simple right? When we walk into a room or space, we look high, we look low, we look all around to assess the situation we are working with. We then apply Park West Cleaning techniques based on thousands of hours in the field to identify problem areas on top of our typical checklist. The finished product will bring you your own “Aha Moment”. A moment of Zen, a feeling that everything is in its right place.

Green Beige Minimalist Weekly Cleaning Checklist

"THE CLEAN" Includes

Bathroom Detailing

  • All silver and stainless steel polished
  • All counter top items organized
  • Labels facing out! 
  • Shower glass cleaned and polished
    • We will remove hard water leaving you a perfectly streak free glass door/wall
  • All mold removed
    • When possible we remove standard mold (red, yellow) however black mold (black mold is permanent and cannot be removed). 
  • Tub or Shower floor scrub
    • soap scum, be gone!
  • Toilet
    • cleaned, scrubbed, dust and hair removed, as well as water blue!

Kitchen Detailing

  • All above bathroom detailing when applicable
  • Sink scrub – don’t you love when your sink shines back at you?!
  • Counter top scrubbed and tidied 
  • appliances – wiped, polished, and tidied


  • dusted 
  • washed for add on fee

Bedrooms and offices

  • General dusting, making beds (Leave us clean sheets!), tidy night stands, lightly organize

Light organization of all rooms 

  • We tidy spaces but this isn’t a Marie Kondo situation
  • Vacuuming of all floors
  • Steam moping all hardwood, laminate, and tile flooring
  • all ceiling fans and cobwebs under 8 ft. (employees not allowed to use step ladder for safety)
  • We take garbage to front or back door if no chute is available, we take to chute if available

"The Clean" Does NOT include

  • All extras are not included (must be selected for an additional cost)


What is included in a Fresh Start Clean?

(this is for move in move out services)

When booking a Fresh start Clean, you can expect an all-inclusive service. 

This package is “The Clean” with 4 of the extra services for the price of 3. These extras include: Inside oven, inside fridge, inside cabinets, and inside all windows. 

This clean is intended to turn the home someone once lived in, as close to its original state as possible and ready for new homeowners or renters.

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Add Ons

Inside Fridge

Cleaning inside your fridge entails removing all food and liquid inside as well as cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces and compartments. This will turn any fridge, no matter how messy and sticky into a near new fridge!

Inside Cabinets

Just as the header says, this is for cleaning out your cabinets and drawers. This would include spraying and sanitizing inside of cabinets and drawers. This is only for Fresh Start customers. Removing all items of your cabinets and replacing them is not available for “The Clean” customers. 

Inside Oven

Inside oven cleaning entails a thorough wipe down of all surfaces and baking racks as well as removal of all stains on the inside glass and metal surfaces restoring heavily used ovens to near brand new!

Interior Windows

Interior windows means we will clean the inside of all windows in a homeowners home as well as windowsills. We clean with Windex for a streak free clean! We do not clean blinds.

Washing Baseboards

We dust and wipe baseboards as apart of “The Clean”. If you are looking for the next level, we wash (with scrubbing bubbles) all of your baseboards on a selected floor of your space. 

Inside the Toaster Oven

Same as inside a regular oven, but mini! We will remove all racks inside, clean all six interior sides and leave your toaster oven like new!